Yoga & Mindfulness

Mindfulness-based yoga practices have been demonstrated to: aid recovery from trauma (PTSD) and addiction, aid in the management of chronic mental health conditions, produce improvements in self regulation, and increase overall wellness, including balance, strength, and flexibility.

The word Yoga comes from the ancient language of sanskrit, and it means "yoke" or union of the mind, body, and spirit.  At Yoga4Change, we believe there is nothing more important than getting to know ourselves - our strengths and challenges, our habitual triggers, and how each of us, as individuals, can harness the abilities of our mind/body connection to create the space needed to consistently choose our best reactions, our best path forward. 

Yoga4Change classes combine the movements of yoga with the non-judgemental awareness of mindful inquiry to develop our understanding of 'self' and our ability to manage life's changes and challenges.  We practice facing challenge from the safety of our yoga mat, so that we can take those lessons off the mat and into our daily lives.




yoga practice allows us to heal ourselves and maximize health.




mindfulness practice allows us to face challenges with calm and determination