I learned how to use yoga to relax
— Y4C youth yogi with special needs

I used my breathing to calm down at home when I was fighting with my sister. It worked!
— Y4C youth yogi

I have diabetes and my mornings are stiff and achey. When I get up now, I do the moves and massage my muscles like Lina taught me and I can get moving.
— Y4C senior Yogi

I had to choose between this and tai chi – I used to do tai chi, but this is just better for me. It does everything. It’s like food.
— Y4C Senior Yogi

The tapping and ankle movements are really helping the swelling in my lower legs.
— Y4C senior Yogi

“I have had neuropathy in my hands for years, and can’t make a fist. I’m just beginning to be able to make a fist. I LOVE this yoga!”
— Y4C senior Yogi

I’ve had carpal tunnel for years….had surgery 4 years ago, but the pain never went away. Now its gone.
— Y4C senior Yogi


I used my yoga when this lady got me really angry this week. She was ignoring me and I would normally get really angry, but I took a breath and moved on.
— Y4C youth in recovery

We had a client report that he used yoga to overcome a craving to use this week.
— Lead clinician at Rushford Recovery

I learned that taking time to breathe and become mindful can really change your mood.
— Y4C youth yogi with special needs

The boys are excited and engaged. They move in yoga and they talk about it. The boys want more yoga!
— Director at Stonegate Inpatient

It’s like hitting ‘reset’
— Y4C Yogi in recovery

My favorite thing that we did was when we would meditate listening to the different sounds
— Y4C youth yogi with special needs

My blood pressure is always down after class – I know this because I went to the doctor after yoga 2x now and my BP is WAY down when I get there.
— Y4C senior Yogi