Promoting resilience through mindfulness-based programs -Accessible, Impactful & from the Heart



Yoga4Change CT: is a Connecticut based non-profit organization briGning mindfulness-based yoga programs to the underserved. We believe groups such as youth, low income seniors and individuals in recovery from chronic mental health issues and addiction deserve access to these practices. 

Mindfulness-based Yoga is a practice within which we are encouraged and guided to access and develop the natural abilities of our mind/body connection (such as awareness, concentration, and our ability to calm and heal ourselves). By attending to bodily sensations, breath, thoughts, and emotions in a non-judgemental way, we are better able to access our own wisdom as we address the reality of daily life and respond to its challenges from a place of inner and outer balance and stability.

Yoga4Change operates on a combination of donations, fee-for-service partnerships and grant funding. 


Yoga4Change Vision

Increasing health and wellness in ALL communities by:

  • Expanding access to high-quality, mindfulness-based yoga instruction

  • Expanding awareness of the benefits and value of mindfulness-based yoga practices

  • Creating a diverse and highly qualified yoga teacher pool to provide yoga instruction that is specialized, accessible, and culturally relevant to ALL


Yoga4Change Core Beliefs & Values

  • Student empowerment requires providing access to knowledge and opportunities to practice in a safe, nurturing environment

  • allowing for exploration and self -selection of the tools best suited to each individual.