Yoga 4 Change

Empowering individuals facing barriers to life success with the health and wellness benefits of mindfulness-based Yoga.


Mindfulness-based Yoga is an practice within which we are encouraged and guided to access and develop the natural abilities of our mind/body connection (such as awareness, concentration, and our ability to calm and heal ourselves). By attending to bodily sensations, breath, thoughts, and emotions in a non-judgemental way, we are better able to access our own wisdom as we address the reality of daily life and respond to its challenges from a place of inner and outer balance and stability.

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Increasing health and wellness in ALL communities by:

  • Expanding access to high-quality, mindfulness-based yoga instruction
  • Expanding awareness of the benefits and value of mindfulness-based yoga practices
  • Creating a diverse and highly qualified yoga teacher pool to provide yoga instruction that is specialized, accessible, and culturally relevant to ALL

Core Beliefs & Values

  • Health and wellbeing are the cornerstones of empowered living and the effective pursuit of happiness.
  • Mind/body practices promote health and wellbeing
  • Individual wellbeing is the building block of healthy, vibrant families and communities.
  • Empowerment requires the direct transmission of knowledge and practices, providing the opportunity for self-selection and ownership of the tools best suited to each individual.