What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient art that has spread rapidly as a health and wellness program in the United States. It is for any person of any faith and of any body type and promotes strength, balance, flexibility, focus, stress relief and the ability to regulate emotions.


Yoga has been used extensively for treatment of men, women, and children with PTSD, has well-researched benefits for veterans, and has also been recently admitted to Medicare reimbursement for heart patients. At Yoga 4 Change, we practice a type of yoga called Kripalu Yoga.


Kripalu Yoga classes are designed to unify the elements of body, breath, and mind to enhance overall wellness. Students begin with a short centering using breathing techniques to clear the mind and body of the day’s events and settle into a place where they can focus solely on ‘self’ for the next 75 minutes.


Warm-up activities follow, to prepare the joints and major muscle groups for a series of postures designed to enhance the strength, flexibility, and balance of the physical body, while focusing attention inward.  Each student is provided with and encouraged to explore and choose the form of each posture that works best for THEIR body, THEIR Yoga.


The content of each class differs, often focusing on a particular body region and/or techniques for relaxation and focus.  The benefits of practice often include the unforeseen. But EVERY class ends with a relaxation period to integrate new experiences and enjoy the experiment!


No experience necessary.  Materials available for beginners.  This is Yoga for EVERY body.